We care about your comfort

When you visit Lower Plenty Dental, we want you to be as comfortable as possible. Our comfortable, relaxed surroundings are designed with you in mind and our team are friendly and caring making us the ideal family practice.
Further, you can be reassured by our preventive philosophy which includes:
  • Early diagnosis and treatment to reverse and slow down any pathology - this means less need to drill.
  • Options for treatment - we offer multiple treatment plans that are fully itemised meaning you make the final decision
  • Digital radiography – this gives a lower dose than conventional X-rays - those heavy lead aprons are a thing of the past
  • Laughing Gas is available to relieve anxious patients
  • Numbing paste – we place this on the gum before an injection, and the anesthetic is warmed slightly to minimize any injection discomfort, we even have stress balls for you to hold onto.
  • Music to relax you - you pick the artist, genre or playlist - we have something called the internet here and we can connect to the cloud and pull down your favourite tunes.
  • We maintain the highest standard of infection control to ensure your peace of mind

We care about your convenience

We are always available to provide second opinions on treatment proposed by your current dentist. Quite often your existing dentist may not provide the treatment that you may need and may refer you to a specialist for that treatment. We understand the importance of building relationships based on trust and we are happy to provide any treatment your current dentist is unable to provide then happily return you to your current dentist after the treatment is completed.

We know you have better things to do than visit multiple specialists which is why we offer a full range of dental services including orthodontics, Invisalign invisible braces, oral surgerytooth whiteningimplantsroot canal therapycrownsveneers, dentures and bridges all in the one convenient family practice.

Our in-house laboratory supplies mouth-guards, splints and whitening stents which translates to lower costs and quicker fitting times for you.

With extended hours from 8am to 7pm most days and we are open Saturday mornings, Lower Plenty Dental offers professional, friendly dental care to you and your family, at a time to suit you. Emergency appointments are also available.

You can request an appointment via email and we’ll send you a reminder with ‘one click’ confirmation via email or SMS.

We also stock a comprehensive range of in-office dental products for your convenience. We sell brushes, Tooth Mousse, Tooth Mousse Plus, floss, oral hygiene aids, mouth rinses, inter-proximal brushes and more, so there’s no need for you to search chemists for the correct supplies – just pick up what you need at your next visit.

We know you’d probably prefer to spend your hard-earned money on pretty much anything other than the dentist! That’s why at Lower Plenty Dental, we take the pain out of payment by offering:

  • HICAPS with direct payment to claim from participating health funds. No need to later claim from your health fund.
  • Acceptance of all cards, including American Express, with NO SURCHARGE.
  • Convenient payment plans, allowing you to pay off treatment over several months. 
  • Private health insurance - you will receive a rebate on treatment we provide from ALL health funds.  We have not entered into any commercially binding agreements to be tied to any one health fund as our over-riding responsibility is to you - the patient - rather than to the profit of a large commercial health fund. For further information on private health insurance compiled by the Australian Dental Association click - here.
  • We DO accept Medicare Child Dental Benefit Schedule patients - we DO offer bulk billing so remember to bring in your Medicare card.  There will be no gap when you claim and the full amount will be paid by Medicare (if you have not exceeded your yearly limit). We will provide an itemised quotation before commencing treatment.
  • We also are accredited AFTERPAY providers - Dental Care in Four Easy Payments - download the app to your device today.

Keep Smiling.

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